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ESAIP - LaSalle


Our vision for education


The ESAIP educational project

At ESAIP, a Lasallian institution of higher education driven by the “Responsible Future” ideal, we provide high-level scientific and technical training to help our students succeed in their professional lives.

Our students are trained to be engineers and managers of the heart, capable of innovation, initiative and responsibility, concerned about the environment and attentive to relationships with others, especially the most fragile.

Our vision of education, in the Lasallian tradition, is centered on the person. We welcome young people with different backgrounds and we assume this heterogeneity through the proposal of a pedagogical model based on dialogue, social openness, mutual aid, and the diversity of talents and in which each student is responsible for his or her learning and personal development.

This academic, technical and humanistic training is expressed in every aspect of our relationship with our students.

In our teaching

Whatever the course of study, and in each project carried out by our students, the school places the emphasis on

  • the human development of assertive, honest and committed professionals
  • openness to others, respect for each person’s choices and convictions, and dialogue for coexistence between individuals, peoples and cultures
  • the awakening and strengthening of the sense of responsibility, justice and solidarity
  • the attention to the most fragile
  • openness to the international scene

In our support

The entire ESAIP team is attentive to each of our students.

In proximity, we :

  • respond to difficulties of all kinds by listening, being available and providing support,
  • progressively guide each student in the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills according to his or her needs and projects
  • prepare them to be actors in a more just and sustainable society
  • offer the possibility of a spiritual journey

In our daily work operation and our development

In keeping with our convictions and our vocation, ESAIP :

  • works together (ESAIP team, students, alumni) towards educational excellence
  • strengthens, through its partnerships, its local, national and international insertion
  • develops its innovation dynamic through research
  • is committed to rigorous management that allows for social, academic and cultural diversity
  • surrounds itself with competencies within its different councils (supervision, scientific orientation, strategic orientation…)



  • Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou

    18 Rue du 8 Mai 1945, 49124, Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou