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Ellis Online College

Ellis Online College


The Ellis Difference: Online Learning at its Best

A division of the prestigious New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Ellis College was created to provide working adults with a credible way to advance their careers utilizing all the advantages of online learning. One of the first colleges to realize the value of online learning, NYIT is a 50-year-old academic institution with over 70,000 alumni, three New York area campuses and a growing number of locations around the world.

Why Ellis College of NYIT?

Ellis College delivers a superior education with the anytime, anywhere convenience of the Internet. It provides a highly interactive, community-oriented environment that makes online learning an enriching and enjoyable experience.

  • Ellis accommodates busy schedules by allowing you to take one class at a time and offering start dates every three weeks. Short course terms enable you to finish quickly!
  • Ellis provides many of the advantages of a traditional offline school, including an extensive virtual campus that enables students and professors to interact, share ideas and mutual interests, and build the valuable friendships and professional networks that are so important in today's economy.
  • Ellis immerses you in real-world work situations, enabling you to "learn by doing"and acquire knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately.
  • Ellis' unique, interactive Web-based online learning platform delivers an enriching and enjoyable experience through dynamic Flash exercises, videos, and demonstrations.
  • Ellis offers prestige and stability through its association with New York Institute of Technology, without the hassle of commuting to and from a campus.
  • Ellis' online MBA program offers courses developed in partnership with the world's leading business schools, including Columbia University Business School, Stanford University, and The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.
  • Ellis is among the recognized leaders in online learning for professional development, teaching employees from top employers including General Motors.

Obtain Your College Education Online From Experienced Faculty

Ellis College instructors are true masters of their craft. In addition to its full-time faculty, Ellis utilizes an impressive array of eminent business leaders and professionals to deliver your college education online, adding an experienced, real-world perspective that goes hand-in-hand with our career-based curriculum. Every Ellis instructor holds a Ph.D. or Masters Degree in their subject matter, with nearly half of all teaching faculty holding a Doctorate or other terminal degree.

Ellis actively seeks out leading educators who can effectively deliver a college education online, which is why the majority of new Ellis instructors have prior teaching experience. Ellis also ensures that every instructor completes an intensive training program in online instruction. In addition, new instructors receive coaching throughout their initial courses, and all faculty is encouraged to attend regular educational Webcasts on the latest online teaching practices.

By offering skilled, qualified instruction in tandem with the latest online teaching platforms, Ellis offers an enriching and rewarding environment for receiving your college education online.

The Highest Education Standards

Ellis continually monitors its instructors to ensure their teaching effectiveness. Student feedback is also compiled to provide further insight into an instructor's practices. In addition, all instructors are reviewed every year via an intensive course audit performed by another member of the Ellis faculty, ensuring that every instructor remains a valued and effective educator throughout their tenure.

Ellis instructors are bound by ten guiding principles to ensure that each course provides an engaging, rewarding experience for every student:

  1. Launch your course in a timely and engaging manner.
  2. Clearly, communicate your expectations of students and discuss their expectations of you.
  3. Reach out to less involved and at-risk students.
  4. Always maintain a positive, encouraging tone with your students.
  5. Be present and engaged in all class discussions.
  6. Demonstrate a solid mastery of course content and always conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  7. Maintain the high-level of service required by Ellis College, including 48-hour turnaround on graded assignments and availability six days per week.
  8. Provide meaningful, actionable feedback for all graded assignments.
  9. Provide appropriate guidance on policy and procedures.
  10. Complete final course activities in a timely, accurate manner.

Faculty Availability When You Need It

Ellis College ensures that all of its instructors are available—and approachable—both inside and outside of class. Every instructor is required to log on at least six days per week to answer questions and participate in student discussions. In addition, many instructors hold regular, real-time chat sessions within the course platform where they can answer questions and coach students on upcoming assignments. Students may also interact privately with the instructor via the Faculty 1 to 1 feature available within all courses. This extensive availability ensures that you receive any personalized attention and assistance that you may need while pursuing your Ellis College education online


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