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Elisava Acid House Madrid

Elisava Acid House Madrid

Elisava Acid House Madrid


Elisava Madrid is the first university in Spain focused exclusively on training entrepreneurs in the field of creative industries. Located in Acid House Madrid, a 300 square meter space promoted by Elisava in collaboration with the creative agency Folch, Elisava Madrid proposes a pioneering pedagogical model in which design, creativity and business come together. In this sense, the project wants to respond to the latent demand for professionals in the field of the creative economy by companies and consulting firms.

Design and engineering to impact people, society and the planet. At Elisava we train designers with a creative profile, with critical thinking and an exploratory vision of the world, capable of questioning and dialoguing with other people in the social, productive, scientific or cultural environment. Students, who will design products, services and environments to create an environmentally responsible, inclusive society with social impact.

At Elisava we understand design and industrial design engineering as instruments to transform the world through innovation and critical reflection. Elisava is a university in which to question pre-established ideas, in which to experiment with new avenues, in which to connect with the professional field and in which to find alternatives.

For 60 years we have been committed to an open, flexible and multidisciplinary line of training and research, oriented to the professional world. We have trained more than 20,000 students from more than 90 countries prepared to face and overcome great professional challenges, taking into account social, environmental and gender aspects.

In Elisava we do not have any modern manifesto nor do we obey commandments. We understand design as an instrument to transform the world through creativity, innovation and critical reflection. Of course, we have some principles. Are these:

  • We teach to think and create in freedom
  • We promote research, development and innovation
  • We bring progress to society
  • We promote intergenerational and multicultural understanding
  • We are part of an international network of excellence in design
  • We provide highly demanding academic training that responds to current social and labor needs.
  • New technologies: we not only constantly apply them, but we also create them
  • We open our doors to all people and groups whose participation enriches us
  • We connect students with an international network of companies and institutions throughout the academic period to contribute to their subsequent access to the world of work.
  • We contribute to the personal development of our students from diversity, equality and sustainability.

Scholarships and Funding

Las Becas Elisava reconocen, premian y difunden el talento y la excelencia del futuro alumnado de máster.

La convocatoria tiene lugar cada mes de marzo.

Próxima convocatoria: marzo 2025.

Cualquier persona que quiera estudiar un máster en Elisava puede aplicar a esta convocatoria anual. Recuerda que para poder participar sólo podrás optar a un máster (incluidos los programas de la Beca Fahrenheit). Si aplicas a más de un programa, tu candidatura quedará invalidada.

Másters Elisava: 15 becas del 50%

Otorgamos 15 becas del 50% del importe total del máster que elijas, con inicio septiembre 2024 o febrero 2025.


  • Madrid

    C. del Teniente Cnel. Noreña, 15, Arganzuela, 28045, Madrid