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El Centro de Estudios Económicos y Comerciales

El Centro de Estudios Económicos y Comerciales

El Centro de Estudios Económicos y Comerciales


ICEX-CECO: A reference to international training

The Center of Economic and Commercial Studies, currently of ICEX Spain Exportation and Investments, EPE, MP, was created like business school, in 1976 as a tool of formation of the Spanish economic and commercial administration and that throughout its long history has As a public foundation, to various ministries such as Industry, Energy and Tourism, or Economy and Competitiveness, and to other entities such as the Higher Council of Chambers of Commerce or ICEX.

From January 2015 ICEX España Exports and Investments EPE, MP has integrated the activity of the Center for Economic and Commercial Studies as the new DIRECTORATE OF TRAINING (Which brings together both the ICEX-CECO activity and the ICEX Scholarship Unit), thus fostering the formation of human capital for the internationalization of the Spanish economy and promoting the training of public administration personnel, managers and managers. Companies, business associations and other public or private entities, as well as young people who aspire to develop in the future a profession linked to the international economy.
Other institutions such as the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, universities, business confederations, export associations, consultancies, etc. are in close contact with ICEX-CECO, linked to collaboration agreements for the development of mutually beneficial activities and programs .

Since its inception, More than 20,000 students And continues today to forge professional leaders in the economic and commercial administration of the public sector and of the companies. In the last year alone, the center has taught more than 9,000 hours of training to more than 2,000 students.

Throughout these years, our internationalization students have been integrated as managers in the most internationally active Spanish companies. Foreign students have also passed through our classrooms, coming from more than 70 countries, Mainly in development or recently incorporated to the global economy, interested in sharing the Spanish experience of internationalization.

Rigor and Innovation

The ICEX-CECO programs are characterized by their Academic rigor, For its innovative and avant-garde contents, always adapting the new demands of training in a dynamic and changing environment, as well as for the application of an eminently practical and participative methodology, through the analysis of real practical cases and the development by the students , In the broader programs of internationalization projects of companies.

The objective of the ICEX-CECO is not simply to transmit knowledge, but to help its students develop their own capacities.

To this end, their teaching method is based on an efficient combination of theory and practice that helps students make decisions in their professional lives. The teaching process includes the active participation of the student, who learns the techniques, skills and strategies that will later apply in their future positions.

The center's programs are constantly expanding in different fields and in particular on issues related to business internationalization and the international economy.

As a result, the scope of the offer is also being expanded, seeking to bring the programs closer to the specific needs of companies and institutions, which are analyzed in detail to offer effective and contrasted training actions, through a rigorous control system. quality.

High Qualification Teachers

Undoubtedly, one of the main assets of the foundation is its faculty, which includes many of the best executives and professionals with a vocation and teaching both in the world of business and the economic and commercial Administration of the State.

ICEX-CECO has directors for each of its programs, and with around 200 teachers Attached to the different courses and seminars, all of them of the highest teaching qualification. They are university professors, engineers, bank and company executives, senior officials of the State Administration, psychologists, lawyers, economists, magistrates, tax advisors, consultants and experts in marketing and international finance, etc.

The professors' faculty brings together their renowned professional experience with a proven teaching experience in the center and in other academic forums.

ICEX-CECO, online

ICEX-CECO has a modern Virtual Campus that is used as a base of teaching activity in online and mixed courses and as a support in face-to-face courses.

The ICEX-CECO on-line metho- dology is based on a Tutorial model very close to the student, Which allows a permanent interaction of the teacher with each student and the students with each other, enhancing learning in a collaborative way and facilitating that knowledge is built not only from theoretical knowledge, but also from the interaction between students and the tutor expert.

The e-learning platform used by ICEX-CECO and which supports online teaching activity is the most used worldwide: Moodle. With more than 2.5 million courses and 30 million users it is used in many universities, business schools and companies daily and with high levels of satisfaction.


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