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East China Institute of Technology

East China Institute of Technology

East China Institute of Technology


East China University of Technology (ECUT), originating from Taigu Geological School and was established in 1956. As a state defense institution and the first college in nuclear industry in China, ECUT has enjoyed a history of over 60 years with fine reputation in research and education. In 1958, the school moved to Fuzhou and later to Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Presently ECUT is jointly run by Jiangxi Government and China Atomic Energy Association (CAEA), the Ministry of Natural Resource (MNR), China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

Since its establishment, ECUT has focused its education and research in the field of Nuclear Science and Geology Science, with the relevant disciplines developed gradually. Based on the featured disciplines ECUT has developed into the fields of Geological Tourism, Geological Economy, Geological Chemistry, and Geological Environment, etc. So far, ECUT has extended its education and research to engineering, science, language, management, economy, and arts, among which1 doctoral program, 71 master programs, and 72 bachelor programs, forming more than 20 schools and research centers.

Thanks to the persistence in the traditional disciplines, Geology, Chemistry, and Electronics are ranked as the provincial top disciplines and funded by the government, leading to further development of the university.


  • Fuzhou

    Fuzhou, China


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