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Eötvös Loránd University MA in Semiotics
Eötvös Loránd University

MA in Semiotics

Budapest, Hungary

2 Years


Full time

30 Jun 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 2,500 / per semester *


* application fee: €150. Entrance exam fee: €100


Semiotics is an ancient discipline with a long history, which has gained a firm theoretical foundation during the 19th century and an ever-growing significance over the last 50 years. This discipline is now in a period of very intensive, concentrated research and self-identification on the map of contemporary science.

The interdisciplinary Semiotics MA program at ELTE trains students to become well-trained specialists in the semiotics of culture with a global overview of the various fields of humanities: literary studies, linguistics, philosophy, visual arts, and general art studies – including approaches to the fine arts, films, theatre and music – and also the most contemporary methods of research synthesized from a semiotic methodological point of view. At the same time, by choosing the specific field for degree thesis students can gain specialized knowledge in one subfield of the semiotics of humanities (e.g., the literary, visual, musical, theoretical semiotics, and ethnosemiotics). The program is designed to be flexible to motivate students to find the best Hungarian specialists in the given field and assist them to become involved in international research and dialogues with foreign scholars and lecturers. The curriculum consists of courses on the history and theory of semiotics; language, communication, texts, and translation; theory of meaning, logic, argumentation; field studies of cultural, national, and special semiotic systems; various forms of applied semiotics and semiotic pragmatics in general. The program also puts emphasis on the preparation of students for PhD studies to plan their research careers.

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