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Durham University - Study Group Master of Data Science
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Master of Data Science

Stockton Road, United Kingdom

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Aug 2024

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Are you keen to find out more about the field of data science and learn the latest techniques used in the sector The Durham MDS provides training in contemporary data science in a supportive environment, learning from practicing researchers who are making a difference across a range of industries.

From security cameras and satellite transmission to our mobile devices, homes, cars, and in the workplace, we are surrounded by data. At the same time, developments in technology have made the field of data science more accessible than ever, creating new opportunities to gain insight into the interactions between people and their environment. This has led to a significant increase in demand for skilled data scientists, and this demand is predicted to further grow.

Drawing on this, we have created the Master of Data Science, a conversion course that opens up a future in data science even if your first degree is in a non-quantitative subject (including the social sciences, the arts and humanities). The course equips you with the skills to access, clean, analyse, and visualise complex data, and to apply this knowledge to practical situations.

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