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MA in Global History

Stockton Road, United Kingdom

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Aug 2024

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Ours is a richly interconnected world. That was just as true in the past as it is in the present. The MA in Global History equips you with the tools to explore the themes that define an interlinked global past in various regions of the world and from the medieval to late modern eras. You will leave the course with a firm grounding in historical research and an aptitude for approaching it through the distinctive techniques of global history.

Global history is a distinctive method of analysis that considers historical events as they unfold in the context of large scale political, cultural, social, economic, and environmental contexts that cut across traditional national and regional boundaries. Modern-day challenges, such as the climate crisis and pandemic disease, highlight the benefits of a global perspective, but by no means are the global links that shape these challenges new phenomena. A global historical perspective both puts modern global challenges in historical context and reveals the globally interconnected nature of past cultures and civilisations.

You will encounter the tools for exploring these connections in the module Foundations of Global History. It provides the extensive methodological grounding you will need for further research in global history, or to apply insights from the course to other sectors.

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