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Drexel University School of Education

Drexel University School of Education

Drexel University School of Education


Our Mission

The School of Education develops leaders with the expertise to collaborate and solve complex problems related to transforming institutions and educating diverse populations impacted by domestic and global challenges.

Our Impact

Drexel University School of Education is committed to providing children in Philadelphia with a high-quality education. Our students are making a deep and lasting impact in schools in the city we call home.


We share Drexel’s commitment to quality, integrity, diversity, access, stewardship, and innovation. In addition, we are guided by the following values as we pursue our mission and vision.

Diversity and Inclusion

Commitment to an SoE community that reflects and welcomes the full range of human differences and draws on the diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of this community to guide our decision-making and inform our research and teaching.


The belief is that our ideas and actions—and their results—are improved by engaging those around us in collective activity and that together we can achieve goals that no one of us could alone.

Social Justice and Equity

Our ongoing emphasis is on addressing inequities of access, opportunity, and resources—particularly in the education sphere but also using education as a means for achieving fair processes and just outcomes for all members of society.

Public Scholarship

To our emphasis and encouragement of research that is widely accessible, dialogic, and a catalyst for related research.

Strategic Plan

We believe the Drexel SoE can be known as the premier practice-based, community and civically engaged, research-driven institution that produces leaders who affect change in the classroom, in education administration, and in research and policy, with a reach that is local, national, and global.

A Message from Dean Penny Hammrich, PhD

Welcome to Drexel University’s School of Education. As you browse our site, I hope you will see the many strong commitments we make to education both within our University community and to the many communities we serve in Philadelphia and beyond.

We have created a new “Living Vision” for the School of Education that I am excited to share with all of you. At the School of Education, we see ourselves as the “Intellectual Center of Pedagogical Innovation.” We are fostering a culture of excellence in teaching, learning, and assessment across our school to prepare excellent leaders who are able to thrive in an ever-changing educational landscape.

Our vision covers five signature areas that define the School of Education:

Quality and Improvement - Our educational programs will continue their proud history of improving student learning and maximize their personal and professional potential.

Equity and Access - The School of Education is 100% committed to increasing the availability of high-quality learning opportunities from pre-kindergarten through higher education and beyond and produce graduates who will do the same.

Growth - The School of Education is constantly evolving to keep up with a world that is ever-changing. We are evaluating our programs so that we can provide education degrees and offerings that students need to achieve success in their careers.

Innovation and Creativity - The School of Education is excited to begin a new research enterprise this year that will support collaborative funded and non-funded research in education within SOE, as well as other schools, colleges, and partners. Stay tuned!

Civic Engagement - Drexel’s mission is to be one of the most civically engaged universities in the United States, and the School of Education is proud to support this mission through programs aimed at strengthening our local community. Our programs include the Critical Conversations in Urban Education series, our work with the West Philadelphia Promise Neighborhood initiative, SOE’s School Work Studio, and more programs that are on the horizon. Our school strives to be both responsible and responsive to our community and prepares students who share our values of community collaboration.

Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our school.

Why Choose Drexel University School of Education?

Founded in 1891, Drexel was established to serve students and society at large with educational programs enhanced by clinical practice and cooperative ventures between educators, community initiatives, and modern technology.

What Does Drexel University’s School of Education Offer?

As an institution that’s always valued technology, Drexel has a history of technological firsts among universities. It was the first university to require students to use microcomputers, the first fully wireless campus, and the first with a student web portal. Drexel’s commitment to adopting new technologies is only matched by its commitment to education.

Part of what makes Drexel University unique is its focus on cooperative education. Each student works closely with an advisor throughout their program while also getting real experience in their field. Students also can get more face-time with both students and teachers.

Drexel Education Benefits

  • Flexible schedules
  • Online and on-campus courses
  • One of the largest cooperative education programs in the nation
  • Drexel students have many opportunities to get their work published
  • Hands-on learning
  • Large alumni network
  • Each student is given an advisor for their entire time with Drexel School of Education

Drexel is Known for its Flexible Learning Schedules

Drexel approaches learning in a unique way. Instead of picking between one or the other, students can take their courses both online and on campus. This allows students to combine the benefits of attending a traditional classroom along with the benefits of flexible online learning.

Part of that flexibility is in scheduling, allowing students to create schedules that work around their own individual needs. This flexibility can also be found in degree requirements.

For example, Drexel’s capstone sequence for most master’s programs allows students from all majors to complete coursework together. After completing a research course, students have the option to complete either a master’s thesis, a master’s project, or a research-based design and analysis project.

In other words, whether students are taking courses during the day or at night, online or offline, Drexel aims to provide students with flexibility in how they learn, while still offering the full student experience.

Drexel Provides Professional Connections

Drexel is one of the oldest and largest cooperative education programs in the nation, and its extensive faculty of distinguished educators include many at the top of their field. Drexel’s School of Education offers more than 200-degree programs across 15 colleges and schools, and students will further benefit from the availability of scientifically rigorous, interdisciplinary experts in a number of programs.

As one of the largest private universities in America, with students enrolled from around the globe, students have access to ample opportunities for professional networking. Smaller class sizes allow professors to become individually acquainted with their students, and academic advising can open the door to a number of professional connections to build collaborative relationships. Additionally, students have access to a variety of research partnerships and faculty research opportunities.

Drexel Creates a Network of Successful Student Alumni

As a global research university, Drexel is ranked among the top 100 in the nation. Specifically, the School of Education’s online education programs are ranked in the top 55 nationally by US News and World Report. The school’s EdD program was named 2019 Program of the Year by the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate. Drexel students also tend to share a common mindset. Alumni are highly motivated to succeed, exceptionally educated, and well equipped to take advantage of opportunities to collaborate.

Part of what makes Drexel unique is an environment of teamwork and its cooperative approach to learning. Alumni networks are incredibly diverse with students from all over the world. Moreover, with the School of Education, students have many opportunities to become published, an achievement which creates even more networking opportunities.

Drexel Provides Students with Experiential Learning

Theory and practice are often separate. By giving students hands-on experience in their field, Drexel provides students with the ability to apply theory in practice. Once all requirements have been met, the School of Education’s Field Placement Office helps students find placement in workplaces near their homes, no matter where they live.

Each of Drexel’s programs emphasizes practical experience, both inside and outside of traditional classrooms. This experience is more accessible because these programs also have the flexibility to allow students to alternate academic study with employment obligations. Graduates also gain firsthand experience in learning to combine virtual learning with traditional classroom settings.


  • Students: 1,301
  • Faculty: 48
  • Programs: 48
  • Degrees: 21


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