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DMI Intertech - Digital Media Institute at Intertech

DMI Intertech - Digital Media Institute at Intertech

DMI Intertech - Digital Media Institute at Intertech


DMI delivers advanced digital media training taught by industry professionals in a state-of-the-art environment for the enhancement of workforce development.

The Digital Media Institute at InterTech’s (DMI) mission is to deliver 21st century training and education for careers in digital media. We utilize a “learn by doing” approach and the instructors and administrators create an atmosphere that facilitates real-world scenarios. DMI’s one-year accelerated program model is the only one of its kind in the region and allows students get quality rapid training in a professional environment.

Our facilities include industry-grade hardware and software which is available to students as well as a 1500 sq. ft. digital media stage facility. This studio features a green screen cyclorama wall, multi-actor motion capture facilities, professional grade lighting and grip gear.

Campus Features

The Digital Media Institute at InterTech is located in Shreveport, Louisiana’s creative and technological vortex-­­InterTech

InterTech 1 is filled with industry-­leading talent, housing tenants from a film studio to pharmaceutical companies. That talent passes through the labs of the DMI, where students are imagining, designing and bringing ideas on paper to motion media onscreen. Classroom professional workstations offer Adobe, Foundry and Autodesk software, including programs like Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, The Foundry Nuke, Autodesk Maya and Unreal Game Engine. Students can access all workstations and software at all times in the DMI 24­-hour Flex Lab.

The DMI also offers a 1600­-square-­foot studio, complete with an industry­-standard green screen with a curved cyc wall and professional lighting equipment that ensure the best compositing experience for students. The stage also boasts a multi-­actor motion capture system paired with high­-quality digital cinema cameras capable of producing stunning 4K footage. The DMI features an industrial-­grade gigabit network with high­-speed switching. Students work with systems that create, serve via an Isilon Storage System and render digital imagery on a 450 core Cisco Blade render farm.


Shreveport is a city in the Northwest corner of Louisiana, adjacent to Texas in the American deep south. Shreveport is known for its music history, cajun and soul food, and casinos. The Digital Media Institute is located within the InterTech building on King’s Highway in Shreveport, and we offer courses online as well as in-person.


    • Prospective students must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Prospective students must first fill out an online application, along with submitting an application fee, a letter of intent, and an official high school transcript. Once your application is received we will send you a link to our online assessment. After the score is evaluated, the prospective student will be asked to attend an interview with DMI administrators. The prospective student will then receive an admissions decision.
    • Students at the DMI come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Some attend the Institute from high school while others may have earned several college degrees. However, DMI students, despite prior education or age, are looking to embark on new career paths, enhance current career skills or start businesses.

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