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Didaxis Institute of Higher Studies

Didaxis Institute of Higher Studies

Didaxis Institute of Higher Studies


The Instituto Dídaxis de Formación y Capacitación, S.C. was founded in December 1989, by its current director, Dr. Carlos Zarzar Charur.In December 2008, the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies was obtained to offer online the following postgraduate courses in education, within the Open System or at a distance: Doctorate in Education, Master in Education and Specialization in Teaching. These programs began to be offered in February 2009.

For the delivery of these programs, the Dídaxis Institute has a teaching staff of teacher-instructors, who have been duly trained in the Institute's own methodological line.

Understanding the mission as the ultimate goal that gives meaning to all our actions, we can define the mission of the Instituto Dídaxis de Estudios Superiores as follows:

Collaborate with the development of education in Mexico, through teaching, research, and extension programs, aimed at supporting the academic improvement of educational institutions and, especially, the comprehensive training of the academic staff who work in them.


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    Avenida Ocampo Oriente,225, 27000, México