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Deggendorf Institute of Technology MSc High Performance Computing / Quantum Computing
Deggendorf Institute of Technology

MSc High Performance Computing / Quantum Computing

Deggendorf, Germany

3 Semesters


Full time

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EUR 72 / per semester **


* Application period: 15 November - 15 January

** €72 student service fee per semester


Boost your understanding of the universe

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Welcome to the futuristic world of quantum computing, the next great evolutionary leap in computer technology. As one of the first universities in Germany, DIT offers you a Master's degree in Quantum Computing. Building on your knowledge in computer science, physics or engineering, you will learn about the modern technology of quantum computing in this degree programme. no matter in which economic or scientific field, it is all about solving complex problems. But much faster than conventional computers have been able to do up to now. Unimaginable amounts of data should be able to be analysed in minutes instead of years. This is useful in many different areas. For example, to improve forecasts and predictions, in cryptography (encrypted communication) or pharmacology (drug research). With your help, we humans will understand our universe in a whole new way.

In Deggendorf, you study quantum computing in English, which optimally prepares you for the professional world. The master's programme is supported by partnerships with industry and peer institutions that guide you through the rapidly evolving technological advances of quantum systems.

The basis for this disruptive type of computing and a challenge on its own is high-performance computing (HPC). Here you design programmes for high-performance and ultra-high-performance computers - also called supercomputers - or learn to design such a supercomputer right away.



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