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Defiance College

Defiance College

Defiance College


Defiance College graduates students to lead distinctive lives in their chosen professions through a spirit of service by preparing them To Know, To Understand, To Lead, and To Serve.

We believe that the liberal arts form a broad basis for all learning. We affirm that academic excellence demands a committed search for truth, competency in research and other problem-solving methods, the ability to synthesize knowledge from many sources, and a capacity for self-directed learning.

We provide opportunities for students to perceive and make connections between the intellectual realm and the world. We strive to develop an awareness of and sensitivity to global interdependence and diverse cultures.

We are committed to the betterment of the community, the nation, and the world through the development of leadership skills and abilities. We create opportunities for students to initiate and facilitate beneficial action in and out of the classroom and encourage self-reflection on the role of the dedicated leader.

We encourage our students to be of service to their fellow students, their chosen fields of study, their communities, and the world. We provide opportunities for students to transform society through civic engagement along with the application of their knowledge and understanding to service.


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