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At the Data ScienceTech Institute (DSTI), our specialty is top-notch STEM education, with a spotlight on data science and artificial intelligence (AI). Established in 2015, we aim to mould future data experts, fully prepared to tackle the challenges of the digital age.

We strongly believe that the key to success in the data sector is a deep understanding of scientific and mathematical concepts, combined with ample practical technological experience. Consequently, our curriculum is tough, yet immensely hands-on.

Our teaching staff comprises esteemed academics from fields like applied mathematics, computer science, computer engineering, electronics, economics, and law. Additionally, experienced industry professionals join them. Together, they strive to share their expertise with our students, offering necessary guidance and support for their triumph. This blend of skills, techniques, and technologies reflects the complex nature of all data-focused roles.

Flexible Applied Bachelor and Applied MSc Programmes

DSTI offers diverse programmes to accommodate students from all walks of life. Attend classes in person, online, or at your own pace for unmatched flexibility. We even provide tailored programmes for working professionals to align with their career goals.

A programme for everyone

Data ScienceTech Institute (DSTI) welcomes students from diverse backgrounds with varying levels of experience.

Study Modes

Initial Education

For high school or university graduates | Under the age of 30 | Begin a career in data

1. "I'm a high school graduate eager to explore the data world." Full-time Applied Bachelor On-Campus | 3 years | RNCP 6

2. "I have a bachelor and wish to start a career in data." Full-time Applied MSc On-Campus | Online | 2 years | RNCP 7

3. “I wish to work while pursuing education.” Part-Time Apprenticeship (check conditions before applications) On-Campus | Online for Applied MSc | 2 years | Not for international students

Continuing Education

For working professionals | About 30 years of age or more | Looking for a career change

4. "I have a bachelor's and professional experience." Blended Learning – Accelerated On-Campus | Online | 9 months | RNCP 7

5. "I want to pursue the Applied MSc course part-time." Blended Learning – SPOC Asynchronous | 15 to 36 months | RNCP 7

6. “I aspire to gain practical experience while studying.” Blended Learning – Part Time Sandwich (check conditions before applications) On-Campus | Online | 2 years | RNCP 7 |Not for international applicants

Executive Education

For working professionals | Looking for upskilling

7. “I am already working in Technology and wish to upskill.” Executive Education On-Campus | Online | Asynchronous | Customised time-period | ECTS credits on conditions

Partnerships and Affiliations

The Data ScienceTech Institute (DSTI) has formed strategic partnerships and affiliations with several key organisations, including the likes of AWS, SAS, Microsoft, Arts et Métiers, and 3iA Côte d'Azur. These partnerships are vital because they help keep our syllabus current and our resources updated. With these partners, we are better equipped to support our students as they advance their careers in data.

Student Support

Before you arrive

At DSTI, we assist international students with visa applications and housing arrangements.

Working with Feel Francais, a dedicated concierge service, we help simplify visa applications, from organising documents to arranging interviews.

We've also teamed up with Studapart, offering trustworthy and reasonably priced accommodation, vital for the proof of residence required for student visas and other French immigration paperwork.

Upon Your Arrival

At DSTI, our goal is to instil key Data and AI principles, enabling students to critically evaluate real-world problems and craft solutions using Data Science. Alongside our foundational courses, we hold review sessions before exams to clear any student doubts, fostering their confidence for exams, projects, and internships.

Moreover, DSTI offers numerous practical projects and interactions with industry professionals, refining students' hands-on coding abilities. By graduation, our students are fully prepared to excel in the corporate arena. To further aid their studies, all students gain access to our online learning platform, where they can view lecture recordings, resources, and additional material. The platform also allows for exam and assignment submissions.

Past Classes

DSTI continues to support its students and alumni through substantial career assistance. We offer personalised coaching, internships, job hunting aid, and arrange career-focused events. Moreover, our ties with industry partners create networking chances and possible job leads. We also have a large and active network of alumni. Further, our career events include job fairs, career panels, and company showcases.

Campus Features

Our Nice Sophia-Antipolis and Paris campuses boast top-tier facilities and resources, fostering student success. We provide access to the latest data science tools and technologies. Additionally, we extend career support services including job search help, interview guidance, and networking chances. With a proud history of graduates landing top data science roles, we remain dedicated to aiding our students in achieving their career goals.


    • Biot

      Data ScienceTech Institute Les Templiers 950 Route des Colles Sophia-Antipolis, 06410, Biot

    • Paris

      Data ScienceTech Institute 4, Rue de la Collégiale, 75005, Paris

    • Paris

      Rue de la Collégiale,4, 75005, Paris