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The “Danubius” University from Galati, Romania is a non-profit institution of higher education, a juridical person of private law and public utility, part of the National Education System, established by the Law no. 409/2002, which functions according to the Romanian Constitution, the law on education, the status of the teaching staff and its own Carta approved by the University Senate.

This institution, founded in 1992, assumes the role of enriching the values of the Romanian culture and civilization, of supporting the assertion of national identity and spirituality, in order to develop our society as a democratic and social state of law.

Based on the “non-profit” principle, the “Danubius” University from Galati operates according to the Constitution and the laws that govern the higher education system in Romania. It proposes to train specialists in knowledge and contemporary performance and to promote new education methods in accordance with the current progress of the human society along with human rights and freedoms.

By promoting the private education it creates the possibility of a competitive state, meant to put in a good use the individual skills and the highest knowledge in the studied domains, the continuous training of adults, absolving the state of significant expenditures regarding the education of young people. Thus, the ratio between demand and supply remains at an optimal level, because both the citizen and institutions interested in their qualification and education adapt continuously to social needs of qualification and performance. On the other hand, the directions of economic, legal, technical and cultural development demand and receive dynamically the necessary specialists without being influenced by the scholar fees or artificial specializations.

“Danubius” university ensures the transparency of graduated studies for Romanian and foreign employers; there are more chances on the labor market through complex content of the Diploma Supplement, according to the Bologna Agreement, a bilingual written document (in Romanian and English) issued with the university diploma, starting with the academic year 2005-2006.

The Professors that make up the academic staff of the “Danubius” University from Galati, come from the elite academic centers such as Iasi, Galati, and Bucharest, all having Ph.D. diploma or PhDs in progress.

The University faculties ensure, as facilities, courses of the disciplines’ holders, library services to approximately 30,000 volumes and over 2,000 periodicals, computer labs, judicial clinic, criminology, Publishing House and publications, and non-stop Internet connection accessed by all students and academic staff.


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    Danubius University of Galati 3 Galati Blvd, 800654, Galați