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Dalhousie University


Welcome to one of Canada’s leading universities. Since 1818, Dalhousie has been attracting students from around the globe and providing a world-class education. We are recognized for outstanding academic quality, superb faculty and educational and research opportunities that are second to none. Dalhousie is home to over 18,000 students and has graduated 91 Rhodes scholars, the sixth highest in the world. We provide a unique interactive and collaborative and career-oriented opportunities. We inspire our students, faculty, staff and graduates to make significant contributions to our region, Canada and the world.


Students enrolled at Dalhousie Universityover 20,000
From out of province62%
International students24%
Average entering grade of first-year students87.6%
Number of first-year students receiving entrance awards1,400
Number of Rhodes Scholars  92
Number of countries represented  Over 115

    Visa Requirements

    International applicants

    • International (or visa students) are required to apply for and secure a study visa and if a co-op work permit to complete a corporate residency off campus.

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