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Daito Bunka University

Daito Bunka University

Daito Bunka University


By providing education and research on Eastern cultures, particularly Chinese studies, Daito Bunka University aims at contributing to the promotion of this field, ensuring the establishment of moral principles based on Confucianism, absorbing elements of Western culture while maintaining its foundations in Eastern culture, and achieving a fusion of Eastern and Western approaches to create a new, open culture that is open to the international community.

In accordance with its aims, Daito Bunka University conducts research and provides education in various disciplines related to the cultures of the world, with a particular focus on Eastern culture. The university also strives to promote a greater understanding of those cultures and works to shape students of character who respect the unique aspects of Eastern cultures and appreciate the region’s traditional arts and virtues. At the same time, the university strives to nurture promising students who have an international worldview so they can contribute

to the development of global culture and the realization of human happiness.


  • Higashimatsuyama

    Higashimatsuyama, Japan