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Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University Clinical Psychology (Master)
Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Clinical Psychology (Master)

Güzelyurt, Cyprus

2 Years

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Clinical Psychology (Master)

Clinical psychology is a field that applies psychological research and techniques in “clinical” settings. According to one simple clinical psychology definition, it’s “the study of individuals, by observation or experimentation, with the intention of promoting change.” Their field is “clinical” because it involves observing and working directly with patients in clinics and related settings. However, the practitioners may also work as part of a team of other health or social workers. Clinical psychologists meet with individuals, families and other groups in places like counseling centers, schools and hospitals. They practice in community health clinics and veteran service centers.

Most clients seek psychological services on their own accord. But clinical psychologists are sometimes appointed by courts or insurance companies to perform psychological assessment and evaluations that inform legal judgments. So clinical psychologists assess the mental health of inmates in prisons. Whatever the situation, they must be good listeners, highly skilled, and able to recognize mental and psychological disorders, and offer treatments. They must also be organized, as collecting data and maintaining accurate records of client sessions is part of the job.


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