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Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University Business Administration (Master)
Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Business Administration (Master)

Güzelyurt, Cyprus

2 Years

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Business Administration (Master)

A postgraduate qualification that is recognized in the world as an elite choice of study. This qualification places the individual at top of the crème when it comes to management and entrepreneurship. This program creates a competitive and development environment and principles itself upon creating individual excellence, therefore one can never go wrong with continuing their studies and building themselves more through this program. Carrying a level 7 qualification. Our University is offering a Standard MBA program which means that it is a full-time course. Our program is course based, innovation producing and collaborations granting. We have evaluated what type of knowledge is essential to the promotion of the student so as to ensure high-quality education but also to increase their chance of better employment in the corporate world.

One of the most important forms of financial incentives that our university offers students is scholarships. The best scholarship we offer is Merit-based which are offered to students with high GMAT/GRE scores and GPA, superlative undergraduate academic performance, and proven leadership qualities, to name a few attributes.


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