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Cultural and Educational Omnium (Omnium Cultural y Educacional)

Cultural and Educational Omnium (Omnium Cultural y Educacional)

Cultural and Educational Omnium (Omnium Cultural y Educacional)


Omnium Cultural y Educacional, SC was founded on May 15, 1993, in order to participate in the cultural and educational activities of our city, first, and later in our state and our country.

The founding partners are Dr. Rafael Santiago Rojano Uscanga, Mtro. Armando Rojano Rechy and Dr. Rafael Armando Rojano Uscanga.

From the beginning it has operated in the historic center of the city of Veracruz, Ver., In an old house located in Callejón de Reforma No. 38, between Esteban Morales and Mariano Arista, exclusively for our cultural and educational purposes.

Over time we adapted that house to the needs of a cultural and educational institution. The first thing we remodeled was the facade, giving it a look that we consider appropriate. Inside, a long and functional corridor leads to the stairs, the lounges, the library, the cafeteria, the auditorium, the reception room, and the offices. We have a small patio, a terrace, and a couple of balconies, indoor and outdoor.

A fundamental part of our history is what led us to found a Bachelor of Arts in the city of Veracruz. The idea arose in March 2003, when Carlos Fuentes presented his book "La Silla del Águila" at the Veracruzana University Library. On that occasion, we dedicated an article to him in El Dictamen, and when he handed it to him, everyone chanted: Let him read it, let him read it! , to which the award-winning writer agreed with a smile, as seen in the photograph. That same day, the members of Omnium Cultural y Educacional, in his honor, decided to dedicate our efforts so that Veracruz had a Faculty of Letters, as the most cultured city in the world.


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