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Constantin Brâncuşi University of Târgu Jiu

Constantin Brâncuşi University of Târgu Jiu

Constantin Brâncuşi University of Târgu Jiu


"Constantin Brâncuşi" University of Târgu-Jiu is a university concerned, especially, to offer young people the chance to choose various study programs according to the requirements of the highly qualified labour market. The institutional identity of the university is built through material and symbolic visual signs (name, headquarters - Calea Eroilor, no. 30, Târgu-Jiu, Gorj, Romania -, emblem, seal, flag, anthem, University day) and through an organizational culture of academic type, supported and developed by the University community - consisting of students, teaching and research staff, teaching and auxiliary research staff and other personalities who have been conferred the status of the member by decision of the Senate.

In the context of the new regulations in education, including, implicitly, the higher education segment, the Romanian universities are placed on other coordinates, related to the European standards, the reason for which the “Constantin Brâncuşi” University of Târgu-Jiucurrently assumes the mission of the university of education and scientific research, to generate and transfer knowledge to society by creating and hoarding the values ​​of culture and civilization; initial and continuous training at the university level, to personal development, professional insertion and to satisfy the need for the competence of the socio-economic, administrative, cultural and educational environment; scientific research, development, innovation and technological transfer, through individual and collective creation, in the field of science, engineering and arts, by ensuring performance, capitalizing and disseminating results.


  • Targu Jiu

    Calea Eroilor,30, 210135, Targu Jiu


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