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College of Social and Media Culture

College of Social and Media Culture

College of Social and Media Culture


The College of Social and Media Culture (CSMC) is an independent HE institution. It was established on 14th August 2001. The College's founder is Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk, Ph.D., the director of „Radio Maryja” and the founder of a TV channel „TRWAM.” At present, Rev. Zdzisław Klafka, Ph.D., is the Rector of the College. The school has adopted the following epigraph: Fides, Ratio et Patria, i.e., Faith, Mind, and Homeland.

At the moment, we educate on four fields of study. In recent years, our college has been repeatedly evaluated by the Polish Accreditation Committee, the only legally empowered institution in Poland dedicated to evaluating the quality of higher education. All faculties at our college have been positively evaluated, and Journalism and Communication received the outstanding assessment – the highest rating awarded by the Polish Accreditation Committee. The quality of education, the curriculum, teaching facilities, and the quality assurance system were the assessment subjects.


  • Torun

    Droga Starotoruńska,3, 87-100, Torun