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College of Management "Edukacja"

College of Management "Edukacja"

College of Management "Edukacja"


Why is it worth studying at the College of Management “Edukacja”? The choice is enormous, but the „Education” is the only one. See for yourself that it is worth studying with us.

What sets us apart, or 14 strong points:

  • High scholarships = studies for free. For scholarships is invested every year about 2 million. Someone will give more?
  • Online Journalism Academy, no one else has it. Together with the portal, we have created Academy, where we teach a completely new approach to modern media. What is the best: absolutely for free.
  • Psychological Assistance Center. It is said that a study period is the best time of life, but even at that time, a man can overwhelm everyday problems. Fortunately, it is no longer ashamed to ask for help, and we have it at the highest level.
  • Educational Express. Normal college students must devote three years and a lot of money to complete additional graduate and postgraduate studies. You would last for two years and an additional 80 zł per month! 10 months and save a lot of cash.
  • Virtual Dean’s Office. Most of the cases you can sort out on-line. It’s called convenience and time-saving. Lesson plans, assessment, important information, and many other facilities 24 hours a day via the Internet.
  • Experience. Already 14 years educating outstanding specialists in eight areas. Our strength is in happy students and excellent staff from many renowned universities in the country and abroad.
  • Social Responsibility – creating the university of equal opportunities. We believe that everyone deserves good study conditions regardless of physical ability, background, or wealth. Have adjusted our buildings for the disabled, so that all students can enjoy the same comfort.
  • Comfort. We offer 78 classrooms and several large lecture halls equipped with modern computer and multimedia equipment.
  • Wide choice. From this year, we offer up to 8 exciting faculties. Everyone can find the perfect studies for himself.
  • The world does not end on master studies. For all the ambitious students, we’ve prepared for additional education up to 31 postgraduate degree programs. It’s called choice!
  • Student’s Life. After the lectures, we relax and take handfuls of life. Student Government organizes many memorable events in the best clubs in Wroclaw. Full integration and great fun guaranteed.
  • We are simply the best! Every day we are working to be the leading non-state university in Wroclaw. More than 10,000 graduates are the best recommendation. Our biggest successes are the successes of our students. We are proud of you.


  • Wrocław

    Krakowska,56-62, 50-425, Wrocław