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College of Law and Business

College of Law and Business

College of Law and Business


Why CLB?

Think Global

Globalization has dramatically affected all aspects of professional life. Consequently, international experience and global exposure are vital in order to succeed in the business and legal fields. At CLB we strive to offer our students a wide range of international programs to better equip them to the ever changing, fast paced global economy. Among these programs, students participate in educational delegations to major business cities in the world, where they study in joint courses and take part in bilateral research projects in foreign universities.

Our Faculty

CLB has been rated the best in educational programs, quality of lecturers and overall satisfaction by the Israeli National Student Union survey. This, alongside with the multicultural and diverse student body, creates an energizing and exciting learning environment.

CLB faculty members are leaders in their field, and have acquired their doctoral degrees and have pursued their post-doctorates at the finest universities in the world including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Berkeley, Chicago and Oxford.

They are an integral part of the vibrant academic arena at CLB, in which cutting-edge research, stimulating workshops, scholarly publications and international conferences take place.

Our Students

CLB’s multicultural and diverse student body, individual care, and friendly and supportive environment allows each student to reach their potential. By the time students exit our doors, they are fully equipped to acquire graduate degrees or to join the professional arena, in many of the leading firms or companies in Israel as well as in positions of influence in the public sector.

Community Outreach

CLB teaches students to think global but act local. To further values that Israeli society holds dear as well as build a better future workforce, CLB promotes professional community activism and practitioners who are educated, skilled, and socially responsible in the business, legal, and public spheres. CLB students have set important, national and international precedents through our legal clinics such as striking down an Israeli law privatizing prisons; protecting asylum seekers; and placing on the public agenda major social issues like Israel’s natural gas resources and equal opportunities in education.

Focused on your success

The Career Center, counseling is carried out by a professional experienced team, on a one on one basis in accordance with the student’s needs. The process includes personal mentoring, assistance in preparing a resume/CV, preparation for interviews through simulations, professional lectures, visits with leading companies and job fairs.

Another component of the Career Center activity, is the CLB employment opportunity board, with hundreds of job opportunities for CLB’s students and graduates.


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