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Chung Yuan Christian University

Chung Yuan Christian University

Chung Yuan Christian University


We respect the dignity of nature and humanity, seek harmony between heaven and humanity, and use technology and humanities expertise with wisdom to benefit the people."

"We understand that everyone has different attributes, their personalities, abilities, and environments are different, so achieving their full potential is a success."

"We believe that education is not only a way to explore knowledge and skills, but also a process of shaping personality and pursuing the meaning of one's life."

"We are convinced that love is the dominant force in education, and we are willing to teach our teachers and students to grow together in an attitude of mutual love and respect."

"We respect academic freedom and autonomy, and believe that knowledge makes people understand, and understanding makes people free."

"We believe that practicing a solid education method is the way to seek true knowledge."

"We are proud of our piety to the Lord, love for our country, dedication to work, and advocacy of the traditional school spirit of simplicity."


  • Taipei

    Taipei, Taiwan