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Chung Hua University

Chung Hua University

Chung Hua University


Chung Hwa University was established in 1990. Under the careful planning of the board of directors and school supervisors, the school has the following achievements and characteristics:

Employment-oriented three high schools

According to the latest surveys by the Ministry of Education, 104 Manpower Bank, and 1111 Manpower Bank, Chung Hwa University graduates have the three highest performances of "high employment rate, high salary, and high corporate satisfaction."

Among them, the employment rate of our school’s students is the first in the comprehensive university with excellent teaching subsidies from the Ministry of Education. According to 104 Human Bank statistics, the average salary of more than half of the graduates is higher than the average salary of the national private university graduates, and has been ranked for 5 consecutive years 1111 Human Banking Corporation is the most satisfied with the top 10 private universities.

The only private university in Zhumiao area that has obtained international AACSB and IEET double certification

Chung Hwa University is the only private university in the Zhuzhumiao area that has been accredited by the American Association for the Promotion of International Business Schools (AACSB) and the Chinese Society of Engineering Education (IEET). The degrees and credits obtained by students can be used worldwide.

The School of Management not only ranks among the top 5% of top business management schools in the world, but also ranks among the top 450 universities in Asia in the 2020 QS evaluation by the British higher education research company, and ranks 11th among comprehensive private universities in Taiwan.


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