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The rapid development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), is changing our lives and our society. Furthermore, a new coronavirus infection is now sweeping across the world, shaking the very fabric of our society. We are living in such turbulent times. Universities are places where students can build up their strength and prepare for the challenges they will face as they head into the workforce. Here, students are expected to think and act fearlessly on their own, even in the face of the most difficult challenges, developing a deep sense of "humanity."

In order to accomplish this, students must first have a high level of expertise, as well as an expansive education. A broad perspective, allowing issues to be considered from many angles, as well as a sense of independence and public spirit are also indispensable.

Chubu University has 7 colleges, 26 departments and 4 majors on its campus in Kasugai City, which is located adjacent to Nagoya City, and provides a comprehensive environment for study to enrich students’ sense of humanity. In addition to the existing Global Education Center, a Creative Liberal Arts Center was established in April 2021 in order to support the acquisition of a living education. In addition, the Center of Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science was established to help all students acquire a background in mathematical science for the AI age. But avenues for learning are not restricted to this campus alone. There are plenty of locations both within Japan and abroad where students can pursue their studies.

I hope that as a student at Chubu, you will take advantage of this environment and engage in learning to the full extent. I hope that you will develop friendships through sports and extracurricular activities, as the university is also a place where we should learn from each other. The faculty and staff who spend time on campus alongside our students are happy to offer support and are hoping to share in an enjoyable and gratifying experience with you.


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