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Chonnam National University


Chonnam National University is a hall of learning and intelligence that has led history and enlightened the times. It was opened in 1952 with the belief that 'to protect the country is a university that nurtures talented people' in the midst of chaos and war.

Amid the changing times and the development of civilization, we took the lead in protecting the universal values ​​of democracy, human rights, and peace. He was not afraid of hardship and persecution. Under the banner of truth, creation, and service, we wanted to develop academia, nurture human resources, and become a cornerstone of regional and national development.

A hyper-connected society has been opened with IoT artificial intelligence and ICT information and communication technology. It is also an era of uncertainty caused by 'COVID-19'. It is an era that requires new rules and values ​​that go beyond existing norms and standards. It is an era of great transformation in which everything from personal life to world order is changing at an amazing speed.

Chonnam National University will take the lead. We will lead the innovation of the education system preparing for the future and evolve into a future-oriented university. We will lead the 4th industrial revolution era and post-corona era by nurturing creative, emotional, and community spirits.

We will further solidify our position as a research-oriented university. We support the entire research cycle from ideation to maturation and completion, and dream of becoming a university that can be nominated for a Nobel Prize by the 100th anniversary of the school's opening.

As a global university that exchanges with 557 universities in 62 countries, it will soar bigger and higher. Utilizing the diversity of academics with more than 100 departments, we will provide all the studies that mankind needs, and will cultivate a courageous intellect that is second to none in the world.

It will become an academic community where the university's advanced knowledge and outstanding science and technology are shared with the local community and coexist. It will be the first link in a virtuous cycle in which excellent human resources lead regional innovation and create a beautiful local community. Therefore, it will establish itself as a 'dignified and free Chonnam University.

We ask that you always be with Chonnam National University, which is advancing 'stronger and more dignified'.


  • Buk-gu

    Buk-gu, South Korea