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Chodang University

Chodang University

Chodang University


In 1994, Chodang University was found under the philosophy of 'Educate people with all its heart like a growing tree.' While realizing the idea, 'Sympathizing Right Recognition', Chodang University has grown with the local community for the past 20 years.

Now, the university's future lies in developing a person with innovative skills and creative ideas. Chodang University has successfully cultivated creativity and passion in its students.

Chodang University has built an education system to create new value by encouraging students to develop their morality, humanity, and practicality. Chodang University offers a number of programs intended to prepare students for a globalized world. These programs are symbolized by two main programs; abroad language training courses and abroad volunteer programs. Also, Chodang University has adopted a career path management program to help students perform well in the job market. Finally, Chodang University is offering support programs for students who aim to enter the public service.

Chodang University will prepare for the next 100 years by performing 'Student First' management, and also does its best to become a school with a reputation that embodies the notion: "By students, for students, and of students."


  • Muan-gun

    Muan-gun, South Korea


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