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CEMIC University Institute (Instituto Universitario CEMIC (IUC))

CEMIC University Institute (Instituto Universitario CEMIC (IUC))

CEMIC University Institute (Instituto Universitario CEMIC (IUC))


The Center for Medical Education and Clinical Research "Norberto Quirno" (CEMIC) is a non-profit Civil Association, Public Good, and University Entity. It was born in 1958 from the innovative vision of Dr. Norberto Quirno and a group of committed disciples who wanted to improve Argentine medicine. This vision has made this Institution a leader and benchmark in the health area. Throughout its more than 60 years of life, it has developed its mission based on its founding objectives: university teaching and research to improve medical care, always in a creative work environment, with an attitude of growth, improvement, and efficiency.

The commitment to these objectives and the national and international recognition have motivated the support of various sectors of society, companies, institutions, and benefactors (*). Teaching has been a pillar since the organization's inception and, since 1997, this has been turned daily at the CEMIC University Institute (IUC). The degrees awarded there have national validity and the seal of medical excellence. Students not only incorporate the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the profession but also learn to commit to the patient and the community and to promote respect for life, based on the application of solid ethical principles.


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