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CCRP Course

CCRP Course

CCRP Course


Clinical Research Associate Training Course is a 110 module course led by Senior CRA and Physician of 25 Years, Dr.Kamal. This course provides the training, experience, interviewing, letter of references, and connections you need to get a job supervising clinical research efforts. We offer clinical research associate training and placement for nurses, science bachelor graduates, and international medical graduates.

Over 1.9 million students receive a bachelors of science every year. While a few go on to Ph.D., Masters, and Medical programs; many are ready to start their career. As a new student applying to the science job market, you may only find internships or recognize that even entry-level science jobs require 1-2 years of experience. More so, you may realize many of these jobs require intense labor in the labor just did not meet your expectations for your science degree. This is why a career as a CRA should be considered.

A Clinical Research Associate or Coordinator directs and supervises clinical trials that are run by physicians, nurses, and other science-degree holders. Unlike the jobs you currently can apply to on the market, a position as a CRA is actually much more difficult to obtain. While many generic courses exist on the market; we have seen that many of the students who come to us still cannot find a job afterward. This is because other courses do not supplement your training with the experience, referrals, examples, and connections needed to secure a CRA job. This science-based medical position can be done privately for pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, or academically in medical schools.

Nonetheless, for those who have always wanted a career in medicine or have a gap year before medical school; this is the next step to getting a head start in your career. Because the position is unlike actually working in the lab and requires a management role; you get 1-on-1 connections with physicians and medical staff that can lead to a better application for medical school and other medical careers later on.

Best of all; many of these positions accept remote staff (and some allow you to travel 20-100% with full expenses including food, housing, and travel covered). This can help you save money while also increasing your salary. CRA’s with our level of training can expect to make between $7,000-$12,000 a month; an amount that is not common in other science-degree careers.

Many CRAs are actually foreign-graduated doctors who opted not to take the USMLE or repeat their residency training. In fact, some of our students come to us immediately after moving to the U.S. and questioning what to do with an MBBS degree in America.

Unlike what you’ve learned during your 3-4 years in university or an international school; the information needed to become a CRA builds upon your degree. It is not a repetition of any course you’ve taken in undergrad and thus we have 110 modules (more than any other course available) to make you get the position you want as a CRA. Because we also provide the interview training (1-on-1 tutoring sessions) for the multiple rounds of interviews these companies do; you can expect to secure the interview request and pass all rounds.


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