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Católica Porto Business School is a school of the Catholic University in Portugal, known for the development of business professionals, focused on sustainability and respect for individuals. For over 25 years, the school has trained professionals in the area of Economics and Management for the global business context, who then follow national or international careers. The school sustains strong industry bonds, enabling a continuous adaptation of the skills development according to the market needs, resulting in an unceasing pace of innovation of programmes and teaching and development methodologies. An international dimension of the school is experienced by completing courses abroad through interchange or double degree programmes, by participating in international weeks abroad, by completing assignments and working in groups with international students and through the completion of the many courses taught in English by invited professors from our international partnership network.

At the undergraduate level, technical development is implemented alongside with all the necessary soft skills for students’ employability after the three-year programme and for their preparation to continue their studies in the best business schools worldwide. At the master level, we prepare more specialised professionals according to functional or industry areas. Our programme portfolio is completed with MBA programmes and executive courses in diverse specialised areas for the development of business professionals throughout their whole life. Presently, the School is offering programmes in Portugal, Angola, Brazil and Mozambique and continues working on its expansion to new geographies.

The School has its research activity structured in two research centres and two Labs. To begin with, there is CEGE, which hosts all the fundamental research projects and is the research centre accredited by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Then, we have BeoLab and Slab that hold applied research projects in the fields of behavioural economics and service management, respectively. Lastly, CEGEA is the research centre mainly devoted to applied research and consultancy services.

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To prepare global business professionals with a strong focus on entrepreneurship, sustainability and respect for individuals, anticipating organisations’ future needs and promoting the development of scientific and applied knowledge.


The School aims to be a national and international reference in the complete development of business professionals, through rigorous and qualified teaching, through strong business relations and through the innovation of teaching methodologies. We aim to be a national and international reference in research in the areas of economics and management. We want Católica Porto Business School to stand as an appealing workplace, sought by both academics and top researchers.


  • Excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Respect for Individuals


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