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Catholic University of Manizales

Catholic University of Manizales

Catholic University of Manizales


As a congregational and church work, from its identity, it works in comprehensive training in dialogue with the environment, to contribute to social and cultural transformation, supported by principles of participation and co-responsibility, with quality criteria in the international context.

Contribute to the integral formation of the person from a humanistic, scientific, and Christian vision, illuminated by the Gospel, the Magisterium of the Church, and the Congregational Charism of the Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. It guides the academy with criteria of universality, humanization of knowledge, quality, and innovation, for the construction of new citizenship as an expression of the dialogue between faith-culture-life, to respond to the challenges of contemporary society, in the context of a globalized world with a social and ecclesial sense.

In 2025 we will be the first option in the region, for making comprehensive training visible from a humanistic, scientific, and Christian perspective, consolidating an academic community that, from liberating personalization, contributes to social, cultural transformation and becomes a national benchmark and international inclusion and equity.


  • Manizales

    Carrera 23,No. 60, 170002, Manizales