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Cardiff University MSc International Planning and Urban Design
Cardiff University

MSc International Planning and Urban Design

Cardiff, United Kingdom

1 Years


Full time

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23 Sep 2024

GBP 23,450 / per year **


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The extraordinary effects of urbanisation are now deeply interconnected with many of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Cities around the world recognise that they can no longer ignore the scale of the political, socioeconomic, and environmental problems which often define the urban experience. These impacts – such as the erosion of public spaces, community displacement, traffic congestion, pollution and environmental damage, outdated and failing infrastructure, and sharpening inequalities in wealth, health and well-being – are pervasive. Our MSc in International Planning and Urban Design is designed to equip you with the skills needed to analyse, understand, and confront these challenges.

Today, the speed and scope of urbanisation are intertwined with the need for immediate and profound response to the environmental climate crises facing our planet. The work of critical planners and innovative urban designers is now imperative as we seek to overcome the most profound challenges facing humanity: how can we (re)create cities that are responsive to the needs of citizens today whilst ensuring the sustainability of our collective global future?

In response to these immense challenges, national governments, municipal authorities, and communities alike need the help of practitioners of planning and urban design in their quest for the revolutionary reimagining of the possibility of cities. This programme will support you in developing a powerful range of skills and aptitudes for research, design, and critical thinking - tools that are vital for practitioners seeking to engage with communities, developers, politicians, and institutions - to help create healthy, vibrant, and sustainable cities.

We place an emphasis on the theoretical, methodological, and empirical ways of understanding urban problems. You will gain a broad education in international planning and a specialism in urban design, incorporating practical analysis and design skills, techniques for communication and collaboration, and a wide range of essential professional tools. This knowledge and learning experience will empower you with the ambition and confidence to shape a career in urban design and planning as an agent of positive change for our collective future.

Why Study this Course

This MSc will provide you with a broad education in international planning and a specialism in urban design, enabling you to acquire the knowledge and critical understanding to make a significant contribution to the management and design control processes of cities.

International Focus

Concerned with the major planning challenges faced by cities in Asia and the Global South.

Multi-scale Exploration

Emphasis on different spatial scales from small plots within the existing built fabric to large planned neighbourhoods on underdeveloped land.

Globally Connected

Engage with a range of stakeholders and collaborate with organisations, governments and socio-economic sectors around the world.


Develop key urban design skills and competencies alongside a robust understanding of the many contexts within which practitioners operate.



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