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Bunkyo Gakuin University

Bunkyo Gakuin University

Bunkyo Gakuin University


The history of Bunkyo Gakuen's dates back to 1924 when our founder, Ishiko Shimada, established an academy with the objective of "providing women with the skills to become independent."

Since that time our founder's initial spirit has been handed down through generations of Bunkyo Gakuen students. Throughout the changing times the University's principles of independence and co-existance have remained steadfast as we work to educate capable young people.

In 1947 the Bunkyo Gakuen Girls' Junior High School was established, and since that time the educational functions and institutions of Bunkyo Gakuen have continued to develop, with the establishment of the Institute of Medical Technology for Women in 1959, the establishment of the Women's College in 1964, and the establishment of the Faculty of Business Administration in 1991.

During the late 1990s, Bunkyo Gakuin University began to develop and expand its offerings in other areas of learning. In 1996 the Lifetime Learning Center was opened for non-full-time students. In 1997 the Faculty of Human Studies was opened and the Graduate Division of the University was established. The Faculty of Foreign Studies was added in 2001.

In 2004 Bunkyo Gakuen marked the 80th anniversary since its establishment and to commemorate this occasion in April 2005 all undergraduate faculties and courses were made co-educational. In April 2006 the Faculty of Health Science Technology, which aims to nurture the healthcare professionals of tomorrow, was established. The Bunkyo Gakuin two year College also became co-ed during this year. The University continues to seek further development and improvement.


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