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Boston Business School Switzerland

Boston Business School Switzerland

Boston Business School Switzerland


First-class, at any time practically relevant management training on the basis of global knowledge, especially for executives - that is what distinguishes the Boston Business School. Founded in Boston / Massachusetts (USA) with European headquarters today in Zurich (Switzerland), the Boston Business School represents a holistic, integrative management approach and is characterized by a business mission based on three pillars:

  • first-class management training
  • using global knowledge
  • with a focus on executives

Thanks to our focus on this mission, we can count ourselves among the leading, internationally renowned centers for professional management teaching, research, and consulting: every year, thousands of executives receive further training as part of our seminars and study programs, numerous well-known companies and organizations have so far had our in-house, Take advantage of coaching and consulting offers.


  • Küsnacht

    Kirchstrasse,3, 8700, Küsnacht


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