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Blekinge Institute of Technology Master’s programme in Telecommunication Systems (120 credits)
Blekinge Institute of Technology

Master’s programme in Telecommunication Systems (120 credits)

Karlskrona, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

Request application deadline

02 Sep 2024

SEK 120,000 / per year *


* for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland student. EU/EEA/Switzerland students pay no tuition


Understand and predict future challenges in a communication system. Deepen your knowledge and create, adapt, and develop future communications networks.

A problem solver with creative competence and analytical abilities A Master’s degree in Telecommunication Systems gives you the ability to apply your knowledge in different situations, to analyze the context, and to produce or adapt a tool or a system that resolves the issue.

You gain the competence that is required for development in current and future industrial circumstances. You also build a knowledge platform suited for work within academia and research.

About the School:

Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, has a distinctive focus on the digitalization of society and sustainability. Our task is to contribute to a more sustainable societal development through higher education, research, and innovation.

The study programmes are of high quality, student-centered, and linked to research, intended for national and international students. Our education focuses on society’s future needs and challenges and is carried out in close collaboration with society at large. We offer study programmes in different cycles, as well as single-subject courses, which are given both on campus and through remote learning.

The educational environment supports the students in becoming good colleagues, leaders, and innovators with the knowledge and ability to predict and generate changes and external engagement with broader society. Additionally, the private sector contributes by making us more attractive to ensure that our education and research maintain high quality and relevance.

With a degree from BTH, students create conditions for society’s development in digitalization and sustainability.


About the School