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Binzhou Medical University

Binzhou Medical University

Binzhou Medical University


Binzhou Medical College is a famous university with special characteristics for the training of applied talents in Shandong Province. Its predecessor was the former National Shandong University Medical School founded in 1946. It was independently established as Qingdao Medical College in March 1956 and moved to Huimin, Shandong Province as a whole in October 1970. The district administrative office is located in Beizhen to run a school. In November 1974, the Beizhen Branch of Qingdao Medical College was established. In September 1981, it was renamed Beizhen Medical College. In March 1983, it was renamed Binzhou Medical College along with the resident. In 2002, the Yantai campus was put into use. At present, the school has developed into a provincial undergraduate medical school with advantages in medical disciplines, higher education for the disabled, and higher education for rehabilitation, as well as infiltration and integration of multiple disciplines such as medicine, science, engineering, management, and education, and coordinated development.

The school has 16,662 full-time students, including 15,382 undergraduates and 1,140 postgraduates, recruiting students from 29 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; there are 140 international students. There are now the first clinical medical school, the second clinical medical school, the basic medical school, the special education school, the dental school, the nursing school, the humanities, and social sciences, the Marxist school, the pharmacy (wine school), and the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine. There are 16 schools (departments) including the College, the School of Public Health and Management, the School of Foreign Languages ​​and International Exchange, the School of Rehabilitation, the School of Geriatrics, the School of Medical Imaging, and the School of Continuing Education.


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