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Beit Berl College

Beit Berl College

Beit Berl College


Beit Berl College is a multidisciplinary college focused on training educators while spearheading new developments in education, society and the arts. We see education as a vehicle for social mobility, equality and justice for all sectors of Israeli society.

Research conducted by Beit Berl academic staff has garnered prestigious grants, is published extensively in leading international academic journals, and is presented and discussed at academic conferences in Israel and around the world. The College maintains an extensive library system, including one of the largest and most distinctive collections in Arabic, a dedicated art and digital media library, and a Center for Children's Literature, which contains many rare volumes.

Beit Berl’s graduates comprise almost one-fifth of all Israeli secular public school teachers – Jewish and Arab – and hold prominent positions in Israeli national and local government, private and non-profit sectors and the global arts community.


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