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BBS is an international business school, created by the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world, to shape a new generation of business leaders, capable of driving international growth and digital transformation, with a view to sustainability. Our academic interdisciplinary and strongly practice-oriented approach offers a unique learning experience in collaboration with Italian “industry champions” especially from the automotive, food and wine, sustainability, automation&robotics, and luxury fields. Our home is in Bologna at Villa Guastavillani, a splendid 16th-century residence located in the heart of Italy, in one of the most leading economic regions of Italy and Europe.

Why Our School?

At Bologna Business School we believe in cutting-edge and high-quality education. With this in mind, we design our course offering with the strategic guidance of an International Advisory Board and the day-to-day input of mixed teams made up of academics, practitioners, consultants, and players on the global socio-economic scene.

At Bologna Business School we believe in continuing and customized education. This is why we build our programs to fit the needs of our stakeholders:

  • Young managers who want to grow professionally and personally, strengthening specific functional skills or deepening their understanding of specific market sectors;
  • Recent graduates who are entering the workforce and require knowledge, techniques, and practical tools in addition to traditional university education;
  • Executives and professionals ready to challenge themselves, to consolidate their knowledge base, and raise the bar with their skills through work-study, training, and access to new networks;
  • Companies and institutions aware of the complexity of new glocal realities are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that derive from leveraging their internal human capital.

At Bologna Business School we believe in accessible and open education. That is why we encourage the right to education by providing scholarships each year and guaranteeing honor loans to all of our international students.


Support the full development of people, organizations, and society through post-graduate and post-experience education.



The interdisciplinary approach is a unique enabler of innovation that distinguishes BBS from any other Italian business school and allows participants to develop a multiperspective and creative approach.


BBS believes in the value of sustainability and endorses the Sustainable Development Goals to create a better society and invest in the future of our next generations.


BBS brings together a combination of academic excellence and practical expertise through its collaboration with Italy’s world-renowned industry champions.


BBS upholds the equality and dignity of all individuals and condemns any form of discrimination, promoting diversity as a value for integration and dialogue among different people.

International Orientation

The international dimension supports people, organizations, and society in the globalization process, with the goal to foster economic and social development as well as intercultural exchange.


Merit is a fundamental element for the development of society and serves as a necessary criterion in the implementation of the universal right of access to education.

Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability

BBS aims to broadly contribute to the development of people, organizations, and society and fosters social and economic development as well as intercultural integration.

We recognize the equal dignity of all people, condemn all forms of discrimination against individuals or groups, and promote integration and dialogue between people and between different traditions and cultures.

Finally, the school endorses the universal value of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and works to promote sustainable development in its social, environmental, and economic dimensions.

We believe that ethics, responsibility, and sustainability should shape both internal processes and the management education contents that the School offers, in order to support students incorporating these values in their managerial attitude and professional practice. Consistently with the BBS Ethical Code of Conduct, the School’s ERS policy revolves around three main pillars: Learning, Dissemination, and Impact.

The School has established a system of rules, models, and control mechanisms inspired by the highest standards of transparency and fairness in management, both internally and externally.

This model generates trust among members, an aspect that is reflected also in the economic results, in the long-term benefits for all the stakeholders, and aligns with the sustainability principles.


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