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BBI Luxembourg


Our programs rigorously balance hands-on training with the supervisory and business knowledge students need, to become effective decision-makers within a complex hospitality organisation. Once you have graduated from BBI, you will be equipped to take on meaningful responsibilities early on in your career and be a productive team member, as from your first day in the job.

The teaching programs, as well as the structure, objectives, strategies and pedagogy, are the same in both institutes. The same occurs for the teaching staffs which share experiences and skills between the two entities, gained since 1990. the year of BBI’s creation. BBI institutions are first and foremost designed as “School for Hospitality and Tourism Business” with an international dimension. Our strategy is based on being dynamic, open and involved in the "Knowledge Society" - the European vision of the future. Indeed, thanks to that vision, higher education is also benefiting from fantastic growth.

Our institutes are particularly reputed for their educational innovation and, putting modesty aside for a moment, our teaching stands out due to our constant search for excellence. Our results, in terms of student satisfaction, real professional openings and relations with the hospitality and tourist industry, prove that we are part of the top academic institutions for management studies.

BBI offers 3-year Bachelor and 1-year Master programs, in a truly international framework, will ensure those creative individuals, with passion and who share common values are ready to face the challenges in the hospitality and tourism industry management. We provide first-class education for a career in the Hospitality and Tourism sector - the fastest growing industry in the world.


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    Château de Wiltz L-9516 G.D. of Luxemburg, 9516, Wiltz