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At Barclay College, we praise God for our students who are on a mission to not only gain an education but to strengthen their Christ-centered, biblically based faith by learning the way of effective Christian living in service and leadership. Barclay College bases its existence in a rich history of evangelical Friends tradition. Barclay College is an evangelical Friends school which accepts and embraces persons with evangelical Christian beliefs from a variety of denominational backgrounds. The mission of Barclay College is to prepare students in a Bible-centered environment for effective Christian life, service, and leadership. Barclay College is a Christian institution of higher education that challenges students to explore, understand, and acquire the skills necessary to respond to the call of God upon their lives. To help accomplish this, Barclay College strives for academic and spiritual excellence by providing an environment that encourages higher levels of inquiry and learning. Critical thinking, the exchange of ideas, and disciplined Bible-based study are emphasized to assist each student in developing a personalized Christian worldview and equipping them to serve effectively in the areas of service in which they feel God's direction for their lives. Barclay College actively recruits all Christians who desire to prepare for their vocations in a climate that is rigorously academic and committed to serving Jesus Christ. The College believes that spiritual growth is accelerated when one lives and studies in a community that includes a diversity of theological and cultural perspectives. As a four-year institution of higher learning, Barclay College's mission is broader than that of a trade school or training institute. Students broaden their cultural understanding by studying a wide range of general studies in addition to their specific areas of interest. Since Barclay is a Bible college, students learn to study the Bible and to integrate biblical truth into every discipline. Barclay College offers students preparation for several careers through its bachelor's programs. In some fields, the bachelor's degree has been designed to prepare one for graduate study. The College also offers Associate degrees designed to give students a basic introduction to college education, the Bible, and general studies.

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