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Barcelona Technology School Master in Digital Transformation Leadership
Barcelona Technology School

Master in Digital Transformation Leadership

Barcelona, Spain

9 Months


Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 17,500 / per year **

Blended, Distance Learning, On-Campus

* rolling admissions

** 15.500 EUR for Flexible Online


Lead the change that is transforming entire organizations into digital ecosystems.

Digital technologies have accelerated business disruptions in any industry, generating huge opportunities driven by innovation.

Leading digital transformation requires a good understanding of disruptive technologies and abilities to manage change and uncertainty generated by the digital revolution.

This is not just about implementing technology and innovation, but also making the needed changes in the organization to drive transformation through new strategic initiatives. On top of that, the program stays up to date with the latest market trends. For instance, this master program will give you the knowledge, tools, and mindset to leverage generative AI and machine learning as a source of competitive advantage. To achieve this goal, corporations need leaders able to shape the digital future with interdisciplinary skills such as:

·Business strategy

·Organizational change management

·Innovation-based opportunities

·Basics and techniques of generative AI and machine learning

·Use cases and benefits of generative AI and machine learning in different domains

·How to align AI with your business goals and innovation

·How to address the ethical, social, and legal challenges of AI

·How to apply AI to various business functional areas.

What will you learn?
You will focus on business strategy, on how to manage digital projects, how to take data-driven decisions, how to lead complexity in digital environments, how to manage change and diversity in an organization, and how to drive business innovation.

During the Master in Digital Transformation Leadership, you will get a deep understanding of emerging technologies and you will understand how to manage winning business strategies in a digital world.

This program will allow you to lead digital transformation by:

·Identifying the major drivers of digital transformation in your industry,

·Discovering innovation capabilities to manage knowledge, generate insights and maximize business value in the digital economy,

·And changing management necessary for the organization to support digital-ready business.

The skills you will learn will qualify you for a diverse range of job roles across any industry immersed in digital transformation.Graduates of our program will be well-prepared for a range of exciting careers, including:

·Digital Transformation Specialist in incumbent corporations: Lead the digital revolution in a traditional company and transform its culture, processes, and products

·Digital transformation consultant: Advise and support businesses in their digital transformation journey and help them achieve their goals

·Digital Innovation Lead: Innovate and create cutting-edge solutions for digital native companies and shape the future of technology

·Entrepreneurship: launch your own tech start-up and become an entrepreneur in the digital economy

Don't miss this opportunity to boost your skills in Digital Transformation, while you have a life-changing experience.

Whether you choose our vibrant on-campus experience in the sunny, dynamic city of Barcelona, or our online modality (synchornous and asynchronous), you’ll be immersed in an international environment that fosters innovation and helps you to be a future digital leader.




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