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ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering Master in Editorial Design
ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Master in Editorial Design

Barcelona, Spain

1 Years

Spanish, English

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Sep 2024

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Master in Editorial Design

How can designers navigate between print, digital, and content media? Through the Master in Editorial Design you will be able to explore the possibilities of editorial experiences beyond the format.

Editorial design has expanded dramatically. The role of the editorial designer has evolved from creator to producer, managing more and more processes directly, and each new process becomes an opportunity.

This master is aimed at curious, dynamic and proactive students who want to explore new relationships between design and content, and delve into the symbiosis between print and digital.

Some say that the printed media is defeated and that the future will be strictly digital. However, the reality is much more complex and vibrant.

Instead of witnessing the disappearance of traditional formats, the new practice harmonizes and enhances them, offering the user a more dynamic and transversal experience.

This context poses significant challenges and opportunities for designers engaged in editorial design. The role of these professionals goes beyond the traditional; they have become content strategies and storytellers, always from the knowledge of technology. It is about finding the connection between content, context and formats.


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