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ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering Master in Design and Art Direction
ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Master in Design and Art Direction

Barcelona, Spain

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Jul 2024

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Master in Design and Art Direction

At a time when ideas are transmitted mainly through images, the art director or director becomes a fundamental person in the production of messages and communicative contexts.

Art direction is a profession with broad and specific specializations, which is why it plays an increasingly important role in the different creative industries. Art directors require detailed knowledge of the nature and expressive resources of languages such as speech, photography, video, the object, and interaction. They are not limited to interpreting strategic proposals, but also deal with development, production, field work and creation.

The Master in Design and Art Direction is an approach to this world with a triple perspective defined by the following principles: experience, experimentation and expression. This program has a strong disruption approach to identify, question and destroy conventions in the world of design and creativity.

Combining a theoretical-practical dynamic, you will work on the generative creative process and explore the interdisciplinarity of languages and creative forms, and you will prepare to be a creative, versatile, bold, critical and competitive person in this professional environment.

Access and admission requirements: Students with degrees in Design, Communication, Advertising or Fine Arts. Professional profiles related to the expressive and creative universe (photography, art, fashion or illustration), professionals with proven experience in architecture, psychology or journalism. In these cases, you must provide a professional portfolio in the creative field.


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