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Autonomous University of Campeche (Universidad Autónoma de Campeche (UACam))

Autonomous University of Campeche (Universidad Autónoma de Campeche (UACam))

Autonomous University of Campeche (Universidad Autónoma de Campeche (UACam))


The Autonomous University of Campeche is a public, autonomous university, with state, national and international links, which contributes with relevance and competitive quality to the formation of human capital and the generation, application, and innovation of knowledge to meet the requirements and opportunities of development sustainable state of Campeche, through a permanently updated institutional administration and with concurrent, timely and sufficient financing from the public, private and social, national and international sectors:

Training high school graduates, associate professionals, undergraduate professionals, and postgraduate professionals, through accredited educational programs, under an educational model focused on learning, continuous, multimodal, and flexible innovation.

Expanding and consolidating its scientific plant in the different areas of knowledge for the generation, application, and innovation of relevant and competitive knowledge.

Updating and specializing qualified professionals and cadres who work in upper secondary and higher education and in the productive apparatus of goods and services, through continuing education courses that give rise to postgraduate credits and certified job skills.

Providing open education services to the university community and the population of the Campeche society interested in increasing their work skills, their life skills, and their knowledge.

Providing competitive professional, scientific and technological services.

Promoting culture, health, sustainable development, and sports in the university community and in Campeche society.


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    Avenida Agustín Melgar,s/n, 24039, Campeche