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Antwerp Management School Master in Maritime Transport Management
Antwerp Management School

Master in Maritime Transport Management

Antwerp, Belgium

1 Years


Full time

31 Aug 2024*

09 Sep 2024

EUR 18,500 **


* Deadline non-European students June 15, deadline European students August 31

** International trips included


The maritime industry is under increasing pressure to provide sustainable solutions to global challenges such as globalization, digitalization, urbanization and climate change. This specialized program will give you a thorough insight into the maritime eco system. It will equip you with strategic knowledge, analytical tools and managerial competence that are crucial in this fast-growing industry in a globalized world. You will also be plugged into the industry network to help pursue a successful career in the maritime sector.

The Maritime sector is a large, complex operation that continues to grow and play a vital role in the flow of goods across the globe. Ensuring this flow is run efficiently requires specific expertise within Supply Chains, Economics, Finance, Business, Digitalization and Logistics. All these elements will be studied in-depth during this master’s programme and ensure you have a complete picture of the challenges and opportunities within the sector. In addition, it will equip you with skills to become a strategic manager.

This interactive program provides you with sound academic management and research fundamentals combined with an in-depth ‘real-world’ knowledge of the maritime transport industry. This practical approach is a bridge between academic study and the reality of working life in the industry, which means you are fully prepared to understand the complex nature of a career in the Maritime sector. You will see a 360-degree view of the industry through simulations, company visits, guest lectures, and case studies.

Our purpose is to educate responsible, respectful and reflective future managers and researchers with an open and global mind, ready to enter maritime businesses and organizations.

The Port of Antwerp is home to more than 200 forwarding companies, a vital link in global logistics, handling a vast range of cargo and goods. Digitalization and smart technologies are employed to future-proof the Port and streamline logistics chain efficiencies. Antwerp could not be a better place to study Maritime Transport Management. In this program, you will be closely linked to the Port and the career and networking opportunities that that entails.

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