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Andong National University

Andong National University

Andong National University


We are a leading innovative University.

The national, as well as international educational environment, is rapidly changing and innovation in higher education is becoming an ongoing challenge. At the forefront of world-class innovation, Andong National University has flourished, taking on challenges as opportunities. Meeting the Fourth Industrial Revolution head-on, we will strive to advance education and research through our culture of innovation.

We aim to nurture future leaders.

The ultimate goal of university education is to foster the talent that is needed by the changing times. Talent has taken many forms throughout the storms of history and so it will be in the future. As has been done, Andong National University will continue to develop future leaders with integrity and a passion for learning. Our students will learn to have a vision, wide and deep, to understand and embrace different values, and to lead the creative convergence of expert knowledge. We will thus stand as a major university that strengthens student competency and leads the era of globalization.

We will carry out our calling as a national university.

Our calling as a national university is to contribute to developing both the local and the national communities as well as serve them with expert knowledge. To fulfill our mission, we will promote organizational innovation to improve university management, facilitate creative education through building the nation's fundamental human capital pool and also enhance research and industrial cooperation at the regional and the global level with a customized cooperative framework. We hope to establish ourselves as a prestigious national university, which the nation, region, and members of the university shall all be proud of.


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