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American University Master of Science in Computer Science
American University

Master of Science in Computer Science

Washington, USA

18 Months


Full time

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USD 1,922 / per credit



Cutting-Edge Computer Science Study

We live in an increasingly digital world, and AU's MS in Computer Science will boot up your career in this dynamic, growing field. Our program emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning to develop the knowledge and skills that will prepare you for a career in government, scientific, and commercial settings.

Unlike other computer science MS programs, we train students with diverse backgrounds, not just those who majored in computer science as an undergraduate. This allows our graduates to combine their computer science expertise with their prior education in another field to produce innovative applications of their knowledge and abilities in a variety of settings.

Make your degree fit your intellectual interests and career goals by selecting one of four tracks of specialization: applied computer science, game and computational media, data science, and cybersecurity. After building a strong theoretical foundation with our core coursework, you will receive practical training in applying computer science theory and methods to problem-solving across a variety of fields, including media, games, finance, medicine, entertainment, environments, and political science.

This program is designated as a STEM degree program.

Expert Faculty Dedicated To Your Success

With small classes and an excellent student/faculty ratio, you will receive individual attention and support from your professors. Our faculty members have extensive experience working with graduate students. They are graduates of top computer science programs and are well-recognized, widely published researchers. These innovative field leaders have diverse academic backgrounds and a wide array of research interests, with special strengths in artificial intelligence, focusing particularly on data science, computer vision, and game design. Whatever your area of interest, you are sure to find a faculty expert on the subject.

Endless Opportunities In The Capital City

Consistently ranked as one of the best cities for job seekers, DC is the ideal city for graduates with computer science skills. AU’s strategic location in the capital city and its robust network of partnerships gives you access to the area’s many research institutions, technology firms, government agencies, and NGOs, where you can get a head start on your career, make important connections, and gain hands-on practical experience with an internship.

Upon graduation, you will find no shortage of employment opportunities. DC has thousands of jobs in computer science, and the field is growing. Because the region is home to a number of private and public organizations providing services to the federal government, there is high demand in cybersecurity, data analysis, and database management fields. The area’s major employers for computer scientists in the game and computer media stream include the Aerospace Corporation, BAE Systems, Capital One, MetroStar Systems, and Zenimax Media with its nearby Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks offices. In the data science track, the area’s major employers include Amazon, Deloitte, Google, Leidos, Lockheed Martin, and the federal government.


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