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American College of Healthcare Sciences Master of Science in Aromatherapy
American College of Healthcare Sciences

Master of Science in Aromatherapy

Portland, USA

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Sep 2024

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The mission of the MS in Aromatherapy degree program is to develop a practical and theoretical understanding of clinical aromatherapy and professionally apply this knowledge to educate clients and consumers about a mind-body-spirit approach to health and wellness.

The use of aromatherapy as a viable integrative holistic health modality in hospitals and in many aspects of the wellness industry has shown a progressive upward trend for a number of years. Non-profit organizations such as Planetree Hospitals Inc. are a group of US hospitals who are aware that the way a patient feels has an enormous impact on the speed and success of recovery. Planetree hospitals have adopted the holistic patient care model, which integrates complementary therapies with conventional medical treatment on mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical levels and aromatherapy is a large part of this model.[1]

Consumer use of Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAM), which includes aromatherapy also continues to increase, fueled by a number of factors, including increasing access to new research that shows the therapeutic value of aromatherapy, dissatisfaction with allopathic models (particularly for chronic health problems), and an aging population.

This growing awareness and adoption by major hospitals of aromatherapy and other related holistic health modalities in innovative patient-centered care models is positively influencing the development of new opportunities in the health care and health and wellness-related industries. Professionals with knowledge and training in modalities such as aromatherapy provide coaching, support, encouragement, and education to help people live healthier lives and prevent illness or injury.

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